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Monday, 4 December 2017

Daisy Shah & Soha Ali Khan Support Adoptathon 2017 Campaign

I'm associated with this cause from long time and it's an very good cause that World For All have been taken for little puppy and kittens so that they will get home and love from there owner.
I also have puppy in my home and my mother have 2 dogs called Mistee and Nistee who are also there with my mom while sleeping in her bed too.
Today Kunal have adopted one puppy from here and I appeal all of you to take one puppy if possible.
I have became Author now and my book will be releasing on 10th December called 'The Perils of Being Moderately Famous' and I'm very excited for it.
I have became producer also now and I'm producing an biopic which will be going on the floor soon.
Daisy Shah
From my childhood I love pets and I have cats and dogs both in my house. My mom also love pets alot and she admire dogs more.

I will request all the people to adopt pets as much as possible instead of taking from the money try to adopt.
It was an great experience going to Bigg Boss house with whole star cast and especially when Salman is a host, he is very energetic at the stage.
The shoot of Race 3 is going very smoothly and all are doing very hard work for the film.
Today I'm adopting one puppy which is very cute and plz you also adopt one if possible.
The body transformation of Bobby Deol is amazing and he is the only one who is the first to pick up and doing very hard.
My bonding with Jacqueline is very nice I know her from past 4 years and she is very nice to me all the time on the set.
I'm going to Dabanng Tour at Delhi on 10th December and we all have added all the special song for the stage to perform.

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